Concept Record: Nook is the Serial Killer known as the Red River Strangler that can’t fight off his craving to kill. I’m (Tha Future) his friend whom he looks to for advice and to coax him to stop before it’s too late. K-Beta is Nook’s evil conscious which takes over in the end. Produced by Mister K.A.

Nook x Tha Future x K-Beta = DMV Massacre!!

Listen/Download Below


2 Responses to “DMV MASSACRE!!”

  1. […] DMV MASSACRE!! « Tha Future – view page – cached #Tha Future RSS Feed Tha Future » DMV MASSACRE!! Comments Feed Tha Future Tha Future in HD: See Through You “READY TO LAUNCH: beta” IS HERE!!! — From the page […]

  2. clayton A Jones Says:

    all i have heard is so far is tha future but and you blow my mind bro. No disrespect intended but i have heard Mr.703, the Authentic,nook and drop 7 but im sure after what i heard from tha future you guys kill it. and i mean for real kill it. im hear to support the whole 4 alarm team. i tried looking for a website but couldnt find any information on you guys. I work for a Advertising company and am willing to go as far as humanly possible to get you guys out their, i know what your really doing with the message in your music. im not here to make any money or get to know a famous person (cause it aint no question you guys will be) im just here to help cause i want to change the world in a positive way and music seems like the way to go and you guys seem like the guys to do it. and please just dont disregard this im very very serious. so get at me my email is congratulations on being the future “literally”

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